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Community description:DC comics


1. Don't be a jerk. Please be nice to each other, and remember that IC does not equal OOC. For all the smut expected, we don't want wank.

2. Speaking of smut, all pairings are acceptable. This includes het, slash, femmeslash, tentacles and whatever. Please do not give anyone trouble over their tastes in smut. If something isn't to your tastes, don't read it.

3. That said, to make things easier for everyone to navigate, explicit posts should accord with the following:
a) Friends-lock the post.
b) Place the body of the post under a cut, so that it is easier to skip if wanted.
c) Give warnings for pairing, whether it's het or slash, and any particularly unusual features, like tentacles.

4. Don't go shoving your pairings in the faces of players who don't like it, either. Discussing them in general is fine, IMing links to uninterested parties is not. Everyone should feel unpressured, accepted, and happy to be here.

5. Multiples of the same character are okay.

6. Characters must be taken from a DC comics (this includes Vertigo) or animated canon. Elseworlds and AUs are also acceptable, OCs are not.

7. No godmoding.

Things to know

1. The world seems to be as it ought, but there are multiversal portals spitting alternates out here and there, and it can't be fixed. The first of any character to join will be considered "native" and any later version that joins should enter through a portal.

2. Criminals may be NPCed freely for your posts. There are plenty of gangs and mafiosos around to beat up before working off the adrenaline with a friend.

3. Time is a bit bendy, probably due to whatever is causing the portals. This means that sometimes, different things happen for the same person in overlapping portions of time. It can even feel like they're living two lives at once, sometimes, though they usually don't notice it themselves. (Yes, this is so you can have multiple ships going with one character without going OOC.)

4. Events may happen!

5. Have fun.

6. OOC community here.

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